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BOCOUTURE®/XEOMIN® (Botulinum toxin type A)

Short summary:


BOCOUTURE®/XEOMIN® is the advanced botulinum toxin, free from complexing proteins. BOCOUTURE®/XEOMIN® is proven to deliver effective and safe treatments based on a uniquely pure formulation that results in high patient satisfaction and added convenience for Health Care Professionals. The efficacy of BOCOUTURE®/XEOMIN® has been proven extensively and is indicated for both glabellar frown lines and lateral periorbital lines (crow’s feet lines) in patients under 65 years of age. It delivers consistent and reliable results, leaving physicians and patients completely satisfied. In addition, BOCOUTURE®/XEOMIN® is a highly stable product that does not require refrigeration.

Please note that indication and product availability vary by country and refer to your local summary of product characteristics or instructions for use.

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What you will learn

After working through this course you should be able to:

  • Summarise the key milestones in the history of BOCOUTURE/XEOMIN® use in aesthetic medicine
  • Describe the molecular structure and key physical properties of BOCOUTURE/XEOMIN®
  • Name the key points of differentiation between BOCOUTURE/XEOMIN® and other botulinum toxin type A products
  • Describe the MOA of BOCOUTURE/XEOMIN® and the relevance to aesthetic procedures
  • State the appropriate guidelines, protocols and dose to use when injecting glabellar frown lines and lateral periorbital lines
  • Cite the pivotal papers reporting BOCOUTURE/XEOMIN® efficacy and tolerability when treating glabellar frown lines and lateral periorbital lines
82 min.