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Radiesse® (Dermal filler)


Welcome to the course Radiesse® _  DERMAL FILLER

This on-demand course presents all you need to know about the lifting and contouring filler RADIESSE® for facial rejuvenation. The course involves online reading with additional reflective exercises and practical tasks. The online course work is presented in 15 – 20 minute blocks and suitable places to take a break are indicated.

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After working through this course you should be able to:

  • State the indications for RADIESSE®, describe its key characteristics and components
  • Explain the MOA of RADIESSE® including dermal filling, neocollagenesis, and long-term skin quality improvement
  • Describe the rheology of RADIESSE® including G', viscosity, versatility and injectability, and the relevance to aesthetic applications
  • Compare the facial areas that can be treated with RADIESSE® recognising the importance of injection depth
  • Evaluate the injection techniques when using RADIESSE® including 3D vectoring and how they can be used to reverse the signs of aging
  • State when to use RADIESSE® versus other aesthetic treatments
  • Evaluate the key clinical efficacy and safety data for RADIESSE®
190 min.