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Ultherapy® (microfocused ultrasound)

Short summary:

Welcome to the course “Ultherapy® microfocused ultrasound”

This course will give you a comprehensive knowledge of the Ulthera System, its features and scientific foundation. The course involves online reading with detailed images. The online course work is presented in 15 – 20 minute blocks.

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What you will learn

After working through the course you should be able to:

  • Identify the components of the Ulthera® system
  • Describe the scientific foundation of micro-focused ultrasound with visualization
  • List the consecutive steps in performing Ultherapy®
  • Select appropriate Ultherapy® patients

For more information visit www.ultherapy.com and for Ultherapy training visit www.learnultherapy.com (for registered users only)
40 min.