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Bones, muscles and facial fat

Short summary:

Welcome to the course “Bones, Muscles and Facial Fat”

This course will cover the skeletal structure, musculature, fascia, ligaments and fat compartments of the upper, mid and lower face. The course involves online reading with additional reflective exercises and practical tasks. The online coursework is presented in 15 – 20 minute blocks, and suitable places to take a break are indicated.

€ 150.00

What you will learn

After working through this course you should be able to: 

  • Identify the facial bones 
  • Locate the main facial muscles and the superficial and deep fat compartments in the upper, mid and lower face 
  • Describe what the facial muscles do and how they relate to the fascial planes and ligaments
  • State key differences in facial anatomy based on sex and race/ethnicity

139 min.