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Nerves & vessels

Short summary:

Welcome to the Course “Nerves and vessels”

This anatomy course will cover the nerves and vessels of the upper, mid and lower face in detail. The course involves online reading with additional reflective exercises and practical tasks. The online coursework is presented in 15 – 20 minute blocks and suitable places to take a break are indicated.

€ 150.00

What you will learn

After working through this course you should be able to:

  • Locate facial arteries, veins and nerves 
  • Recall the facial foramina and describe how they can be used to locate facial nerves and blood vessels
  • Describe the action of facial arteries, veins and nerves
  • Recognise the importance of the facial lymphatic system 
  • Recognise why knowledge of the facial lymphatic system is relevant for botulinum toxin type A or dermal filler treatments
  • State which muscles, innervated by the facial nerve, control facial sensation and expression 
  • Describe the relevant nerves to block for pain management in aesthetic procedures
  • Infer what may happen if specific nerves or vessels are damaged
108 min.